Types of paintings

The painting is:

The work of monumental art in the interior of your home (apartment, office, etc.). Original interior design. A way to expand the space and give comfort, create a positive mood in the room.

The cost of paintings:

The cost per square meter of painting depends on the complexity and thoroughness of processing details.

Abstract painting

Geometrical ornament, murals with several local colors, decorative murals, etc.

Medium difficulty painting

Painting snag with architecture, landscape, still life; complex decorative painting, etc. The sketch of painting is free of charge when ordering painting. Departure and measurement - for free in St. Petersburg. All necessary materials are included in the price.

Complex painting

Sophisticated painting snag, a portrait image of people, figures of people, copies of works by old masters, etc.


About us

How is the work on the wall painting:

  1. Contact.
    You call us or leave a request for painting by e-mail. We make an appointment with you.
  2. Meeting at the facility.
    We make measurements of the wall and discuss with you the subject of painting.
  3. Sketches of painting.
    We execute several sketches of a list, proceeding from your wishes.
  4. Cost calculation.
    When the sketch of the painting is approved, the cost of the work is calculated and the contract is signed.
  5. Painting.
    We start work on the object and carry out wall painting according to an approved sketch.
  6. Delivery of painting.
    You look at the painting and, if you like the work, accept it. All is ready!
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For all questions, please e-mail: studio.eee@gmail.com

Also by phone 8(911)233-54-63.